Alma is {still} 8

NOTE: this is part of a series of blog posts that I SHOULD have written long ago. Events and things that I do want to share with others, and have a record of for us. So here they are – woefully late…and that’s on me.

mea culpa.

So our youngest is now 8.

she decided for her birthday to have a FANCY SUPPER – so everyone dressed up – and had a candle-lit 4 course meal.

That makes five birthdays in Burundi! Before that it was two in France, one in Canada, and then here.

Here are some pictures of what she was up to this last year

visiting the orphanage
reading outside…with a nosy friend reading over her shoulder
when she lost this tooth, she refused to just pull it out. Partially she loved keeping it in, just barely hanging on – so she could do this.
impressed by hippos
learning how to harvest rice down in the valley
finding a new friend on a hike
learning to do new things
borrowing a friends bike with fancy lights

So – that’s a pretty good look at what Alma has been up to for about the last year or so

Aaand. Here are some older pictures of Alma … Just because