Well, our youngest turned nine. This birthday marks just the second time she’s been in Canada on the day of her birth. We’ve been in Canada for over 4 months now, meaning this is the second-longest length of time (and 3rd time ever) that little A has been here. Being born in France, and having spent {checks notes} over half her life in Burundi, celebrating in Canadain birthdays are few and far between, so it was nice to be here.

While trying to stay socially connected and physically distant we had a party in our back yard with some family.

The day before her birthday we got to celebrate with Grandma out in Camrose

Earlier in the afternoon, the girls went out and she came back pretty excited to have pierced ears.

Not surprisingly, as birthday wishes came in over the day, it seems like “fire-cracker” or something very similar is the most common way of describing Alma. I think that our job of raising a strong woman should not be all that hard with this one.

She is strong, fast, brave, really funny, and loves those around her well. She lights up the room (again, more fire-cracker, less flickering candle) and is always game for something.

Anyway, here are some pictures of what she’s been up to in the past 12 months.

fulfilling her “life-long dream” of actually seeing, touching, and riding a horse
just reading…. #KibuyeStyle
In the Rockies this summer
Church friends
She decided she wanted to see just how long she could keep a tooth that was just barely hanging on. Answer: too long.


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