Family Hikes in the Canadian Rockies.

So this is quite a bit late on account of what our month or so has looked like. However, we had such a great family getaway – and it was so beautiful that I have to share some of these pictures.

Since it was now almost two months ago.. I don’t have a lot to say…so here are some images of what we were up to…

Scrambling to the top
summit of Ha Ling peak 2,407m up
pretty nice place for a snack break
Back in town
Start of the next day’s hike
The girls trying to do some kind of Lion-King-Pride-Rock thing in the middle of a hike up a mountain.
Alma checking to see if the bed of moss covering the entire forest is as soft as it looks. Answer: yes, it is.
lunch break at the top
If you’re going to have take-out pizza for supper – might as well have a nice view.


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