Kid’s Break – covid-style

Normally when the kids come home from Kenya we always make a habit of going away a bit as a family. Someone wiser than me whose kids went through RVA years ago told me they always made a habit of getting away as a family every time the kids come back, no matter what. So far, it’s been great for us. We drive down across the border and camp in Tanzania along the lake. WE’ve driven to a game park. Sometimes it’s more like a few days to spend time together in Bujumbura.

This year, with the land borders closed, flying not really possible, and limited options in-country we haven’t had the same chance. However, we have had a lot of time together, and have made some memories


We have spent a number of days on pikki rides around the countryside here. Getting out on a motorbike is an incredible way to see the country here. There are so few roads to drive cars on, and they’re so crowded with bikes and people and animals walking and full of holes that you never really feel like you can take much in. On a bike, you are so much close to people (often WAY TOO close as they are so used to motorbikes on the tiny goat paths that most people just BARELY move out of the way) and to the land that you get a completely different sense

We’ve had trips to the river – and fortunately Jonah has captured some of that:

Then there are the things that go on all the time around our house. Movies together, home church, walks, runs, hikes, and going to the market to find fabric in what seems like increasingly over-the-top patterns for clothes.

So – there’s a tiny insight to a few of the things we’ve been up to over the past month


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