And there he goes…

There are seasons to life. This spring we happen to be in one where the middle two kids go back to Kenya, then shortly after that our oldest headed to Canada for a summer internship then his second year of university

Thanks to COVID, we had a year with all our kids home more than we’ve had in a long time. Jonah did most of his first year of a computer science degree at a remote mission compound here in rural Burundi. (GO U-KIBU!!!)

Things like things are normal – they are good. But they’re hard. Partially hard because we’ve had him home for so many months. Hard because he’s multiple international flights, 15,000km, and 8 time zones away. But I think as a parent it’s also hard as it’s a clear marker of another phase of life.

Not bad. But hard. It’s great he’s growing up. Great he’s at university. Great he’s mature enough to move out (knock on wood, fingers crossed, etc etc) {note: if you live in Edmonton and are reading this….you’re support is more than welcome)

We love this life that we feel called to. We believe God has asked us to move our family to Africa to support the work that’s being done here. That means kids who don’t grow up around grandparents. That means seeing people who are incredibly close – every few years. That means a lot. Now it means our own children are the ones flying to the other side of the planet.

We wouldn’t trade this life we’ve had – and continue to have – for almost anything. There are so many things that we have experienced and seen and done and felt that are priceless. And then there are the hard things.

One of our teammates said this is the kind of place where the high’s are really high, and the low’s are really low. I totally feel that.

This is one more of those hard-good things.

But seriously Edmonton-folk – if you see him browsing the Ramen aisle at Safeway….please feel free to redirect….