Three out of four ain’t bad

The grammar may be horrific, but the sentiment is true – having 3 of our 4 kids home again feels pretty good.

Yesterday I drove down to Bujumbura to pick up Matea and Micah from the airport. They finished up the year at RVA in Kenya and are now home for the summer break. Considering the incredible complication of running a boarding school with kids from all over Africa, it was a true miracle and answer to prayer that on a continent that is STILL ONLY 1% VACCINATED they were able to have a good end to their school year.

I also look like $1,000,000 since I left my phone on in case the kids called if they were having any issues. I received a number of texts at 0400 bragging about how quickly they got checked-in and how they talked their way out of paying the unaccompanied minor fee

Our team has a new-to-us Rav-4 (recently imported to this country from Montreal of all places – complete with heated seats and winter tires) and it makes the drive so much more enjoyable, and efficient. You can get to the airport in about 2 1/2 hours now with the new highway they’ve been working on since we moved up here – but is now almost finished with its drastic transformation from a tiny dirt path to a paved road. Not only that, but the sections that are not yet tarmac are wide, graded, packed gravel, so it’s pretty much an autobahn at this point.

They were just a little tired since they landed at 8.15, meaning they left Nairobi at 6.30, were at the airport 3 hours before that, and got up one hour before that. (Teenagers……they love sleeping in so much they think getting up at 02.30 is too early!) It only took about an hour for COVID screening etc – which is about as good as it gets, so we ran a few quick errands, grabbed a smoothie (ahhh…the luxuries of the big city), picked up a Burundian friend from here who was in the city, and headed back up.

So that’s it – just happy we’re at 75% right now. Plus our nephew is still here – and he’s about Jonah’s age, height, and build – so a reasonable facsimile to put the table back to six place settings.