(I was) On top of the world

Mt Kenya tops out at 5,199m above sea level. That makes it the second tallest mountain in Africa, only Kilimanjaro at 5,895m is taller. The last week of March 2023 another staff member and I, and 7 students headed off to summit the mountain.

At RVA the students have a chance in their 11th and 12 grade years to have a trip that is supposed to stretch them, expose them to new things, help them learn something about Africa, and learn more about God and themselves.

The trip I co-led to the top of Mt Kenya definitely did all those things. We visited a local school at the end of our trip, we got to learn about conservation and the ecology of the place. And it was definitely a lot of fun -and definitely stretched everyone. We got to go on a drive through a game conservancy and see all kinds of animals, including the rare White Rhino.

There’s only so much that can be said about a trip like that- so here are some pictures of our trip up Mt Kenya

our first night camp – 2950M above sea level
base camp where some supplies could be driven in
approaching the summit
looking for animials
playing with some kids at the school
our kids asked how they could help out the school – and were asked to bring supplies and paint their office


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