3hrs in the car.

3 flights for 13 hours

3.5 hour by train

plus transfers, waiting etc. = 31hrs 45min door to door

We’ve made it here. 

Despite puking kids (2), time zone changes (8), and missing a day of sleep – everyone is doing pretty good.  The kids played today with their new friends as if they had known them for years – which is great for now – unfortunate in 2 weeks when they move to Dubai.

The Alpes are as beautiful, green, and grande as ever – and the air is so clean and fresh.

This morning Matea & Sophia walked across a mountain pasture to the neighbours who have a farm. They took a 2Euro coin in a pink Hello Kitty purse and came back with a dozen fresh eggs. Well, they came back with 11 eggs, including the cracked one, minus the one that was lost in transit. While there they also looked at the sheep, horses, chickens, peacocks and ducks.

Tomorrow….the pool (yes, yes – it means that for les garcons)