A Day in Uriage

We spent Saturday waling around the town of Uriage-les-Bains, which is the area we are hoping to find a place to stay.   Uriage is a resort town of sorts- with a thermal-healing hot springs (which also has a line of cosmetic products made form it) and is just a really nice place.   We parked by the school that we hope the kids will go to to see how long of a walk it is down to the Chateau where we were looking at an apartment.  Then we continued down to the town – also partially to see how long of a walk (hike) it is (as we have been informed that some of the best pain au chocolat in the hood comes from the boulangerie in Uriage) There was a bit of a market going on – local artisans: jewelry, woodwork etc.  We had some huge bread-with-stuff-baked-in things that we ate on a park bench – then walked back to the main park. There are ‘petit sulkys’ there for kids to ride around the park  – little pony-bikes. The kids thought that was pretty cool – and it kind of made up for the fact that we had made them hike &/or walk for the past hour in the heat – and were about to make them backtrack their steps – but this time it would be uphill. On the way back to the chateau we walked past the remains of the 1st century AD Roman baths that were built to take advantage of the hot springs.  We were all pretty hot & exhausted by the time we got back to the car – so we came home and let the kids have some time to recuperate – as there were some big plans in store for the evening….