A productive day

That was the idea.  First off – we go to the marie of the commune where Jonah was born, to get him a new birth certificate.  Why – because the one we have is too old.  They expire. They seem to only be good for 6 months or so for official stuff. (I’ve been told this is because in previous times people’s civil changes [marriages etc] were noted right on their birth certificate – so an old one could actually be out dated)
We got there  – I knew where the office I needed – walked towards it.  closed. They’re not open Monday mornings.
Off to the Prefecture to get new plates/registration for our car.  We drive downtown and park – walk over and read the sign on the door, which basically said: “due to the current significant 6 week delay in getting car registrations done, we will not be helping anyone here at the office, nor taking any phone calls. Submit your completed dossier with payment and a stamped envelope with all appropriate documents”


We’ll go grocery shopping – in which we find probably 50% of what we need.

“Hey look – a little battery store. We can replace the dead ones in the keys so the remote entry will work”
No problem. The lady even takes the thing apart – replaces it, presses the button – “look, the little red light goes on now” 5 Euro well spent.
Get out to the car — click.  Nothing. Press press. Nothing. And now the light on the key doesn’t even go on.


Oh well – “hey look my student loan has finally been approved”
Oh wait – it’s 1/4 of what they gave me when I did my masters here 10 years ago when we had no kids.  Well that will cover about 3 months of expenses.

I can open the door by hand
We’ll just go back tomorrow.
Things take longer because the pace of life is slower.


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