Going for Eggs

One of the great things about living outside of the city – and especially living here – is proximity to nature.  Not only are we close to forests, mountains etc – but there is a small farmer just across the field.  Thus – when we have enough time for the children to spend to get a dozen eggs- it’s perfect.

It is the kind of farm that you read about in children’s books – but rarely see much anymore back in Canada. A couple who live in a farmhouse – and have: sheep, rabbits, dogs, hens, roosters, ducks, horses, peacocks etc. (yes peacocks – that you definitely  don’t see much of on Canadian farms)  No massive operation. No specialization into only one animal as it would be more efficient.  Just two people who live on a farm in the mountains – raise their animals (and also make their own liquor from various plants – but that’s another story)  Nothing is particularly penned up- mostly the animals are wandering around their farmyard.

These pictures are were taken a few weeks ago when the kids and I walked down to get some eggs.  After we spent probably 10 minutes wandering down to the farm – and 20 more getting a full tour by “the farmers wife” (that’s all I know her as) – it turns out there were only 6 eggs in the chicken coop.  She insisted we didn’t pay her as there were so few. So we put them in the carton we brought – and headed home.

Strange that a trip to go get eggs seemed like it accomplished so much even though we only came back home probably 45 minutes later with a half-dozen eggs.

Efficiency is highly over-rated.