Location, Location, Location.

So we have been trying to find a place to rent for about a month and a half now – with little success (OK – NO success).  

UPDATE: since I started writing this we have now indeed found a place – (we hope) will update with details etc when we have them.

One of the problems is that we look dangerous.  Well – not ‘dangerous’ per se – but risky. Whenever you go to a agency to find a place they will expect: last 3 pay slips, last years taxes, copy of your national ID card, copies of your last electric bill, your maternal grand-mothers grade 1 report card, and a vial of unicorn tears.  Since we lack a good number of those things – we were finally told by one agent “don’t bother coming back.”

Even after we got a French friend to graciously agree to be our garant (guarantor) we were still told: “OK – so you now meet some sort of minimum threshold -but if anyone else also applies, we’ll take them before you”

There also seems to be a strange void in the housing available around our village: there are plenty of small 1 & 2 bedroom apartments, and then a number of really large houses.  It doesn’t seem like there is so much in the middle – which is what we need.

Oh well – the seats in our Zafira fold flat, and it doesn’t get TOO cold here at night, so…

NOTE: ‘location’ is French for ‘rental’