Doing Fine

Just wanted to let you all know that I am still doing fine, am feeling just bruised and sore – as if i had a bad fall on my bike or something. 

The day it happend  our neighbour told Susan that  she had seen almost this exact same thing when she was first practicing as a doctor. It was a young man who presented with extreme chest pain, shortness of breath etc. so she rushed him to the hospital suspecting a heart attack. Turns out it was the same thing – and intercostal muscular spasm.  This man however was our village garbage-collector, so they assumed he had pulled it somehow in his work. Then today she said she was speaking with another doctor who had experienced the same thing, but it was a young man who ran his own business, was sitting at his computer, and then – Boom – chest pain, shortness of breath – and since he was under so much stress at work, again diagnosed as a heart attack until the EKG proved otherwise.

So when I was saying how incrediblly bizarre the whole thing was, about how one day I was rushed to the hospital, and the next I didn’t reallly feel ‘sick’  or anything – just worn out and sore and tired. She said that’s what’s to be expected.

Or at least – that’s what I think she said.  Conversations like that about medical stuff remind me of what our kids say when we ask what happened at school or something – and they just look at us matter-of-fact like and respond: “I have no idea.”