I’ve had an Epiphany

Well, perhaps not an epiphany but we have celebrated the traditional festival of Epiphany (as in the Christian festival that is meant to recall Jesus Epiphany – becoming known/ manifested to the non-Jewish world through the three Magi – the “King’s” who came from ‘the East’  outside of Israel) – where the French (based on their Roman Catholic past) celebrate with a fantastic cake called the Galette des Rois.

No matter what – it’s hard to argue with layers of pastry that are filled with an almond paste – and in some cases – basically dripping with butter.  Now that’s a celebration that I can really get behind.  We’ve had three so far – not that anyone’s counting.

Part of the tradition is that there is a  small fève – a ‘prize’- hidden in the Galette somewhere – and whoever gets it, is the King! Anytime you buy a Galette des Rois  you get a paper crown to go with it so that there is no confusion as to who the royalty is among you. The best part is of course that the finding of  the fève is what all children find the really interesting part – and since you are going to bury something in a cake that will be eaten by children what else would you make it from, other than – that’s right – porcelain.  I’m going to assume that there is a significant national spike in the treatment of pediatric mouth/throat lacerations that coincides with this particular tradition.


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