Learning quite well

The other day Micah and I were driving home having dropped the older two off after their (two hour) lunch break.

As we approached the village boulangerie he piped up from the back seat “papa – stop at the boulangerie and I will get a baguette all by myself”


 How much he’s learned already.

 His grasp of French is already good enough that he has confidence to go into the store and buy bread.

Jonah started doing this a while ago – so I guess he feels now he is also up for the challenge.

I thought I better double-check his abilily to do so, and make sure he is using polite forms of verbs etc.

“What would you say”

“uhh – Bonjour! Un pain au chocolat et une flute”

that’s right – a croissante-like pastry filled with chocolate and (for some reason) a long skinny baguette.

Nice Try.

Unfortunately the boulangerie was closed – must have been Tuesday or something.

Maybe next time


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