There is a new type of train service here in France.  They have decided – it would seem – that riding on the regular old TGV is no longer cool enough for 18-35 year olds. 

The solution: a new way to travel. The iDTGV.

Tickets are only sold online. There is separate boarding procedure. Different prices. They are actually different cars – but at least on the train we were on – it was attached to the regular TGV that was also bound for Grenoble.

During the day – you have a choice between two different ‘atmospheres’: iZen and iZap.

During the night there is iDnIght. Nope, not sleeper cars with beds – that’s so old fashioned. This one is not for sleeping – it’s pretty much a 300km/h all night rave across the country. Live DJ’s, dancing, disco lights – you know, over-night train.

During the day, iZen is for those who want to sit quietly and not be disturbed. It’s what we travelled in – the conducter actualy came through and reminded everyone right as we were pulling out that we had to be quiet and leave the car to use a phone. Then no one came through our car for the rest of the journey. Yikes.

We grabbed a couple bagette sandwiches before we got on board – but nothing to drink – so I wandered one car over to the bar car. Guess what – it was iZap.

This is what was going on there.

Next time I think we may have to ride iZap.