one week.

Well – our little Alma is one week old today.
Susan and Alma came home from the hospital on Monday – and we’ve had a great week at home as a family.

My Aunt Nora got to see her before
she left earlier this week.

 My mom is still here for a few more days – so she’s been loving up every minute of it.  The unfortunate part about my mom being here is that when people ask why little Alma is so calm, and sleeps so well, and is so content – I can’t claim that it’s from me.  Apparently it isn’t so.

  She had her first bath (well – ‘sink’) which was a family affair.  Actually most things have been.  A number of people have asked how the other kids are doing with her getting so much of the attention. The only problems that we’ve had is that the older kids tend to disagree on whose turn it is to hold her, who can burp her, and -yes – even ‘can I change her diaper?”  I realise that much of this is the  novelty of it all – but it is so enjoyable to watch the older kids be so excited about having  Alma here, and how much joy she already brings to them.

She is a wonderful baby so far. She eats well, sleeps really well -and the only times that she’s cried at all is the three times that she’s been weighed (you know – stripped naked and put on a hard cold plastic scale) -but she stopped as soon as we picked her up again.  


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