what difference does a decade make?

So as many of you know – Jonah was also born here …almost ten years! (great – now I feel old. Next you’ll tell me it’s my 20th high school reunion next year.)

In some ways it has been amazing to be in the same city, same hospital for our first and last child to see the difference.  However – in some ways it wasn’t.  Susan had the same doctor for both- although he has shaved off his huge Mario-Bros moustache at some point in the past decade.
In keeping with things-that-are-similar – I present the following multi-media presentation (well  – just whistle something)

Notice that they are in the EXACT same model car seat. Which wouldn’t be so strange except Jonah is in one we borrowed from friends here in Grenoble, and the one Alma is in I got from a woman who works at my school.

Apparently some of our friends have forgotten to age in the past decade.

Check this out – same Sage-Femme (‘mid-wife’—- literally “wise woman”)  Why is it in French they are called a ‘wise woman’ and in English they are a mid-wife? What is that anyway: ‘mid-way-to-being-a-wife’?  Anyway – this woman who gave Jonah his first bath in the hospital is the same one who gave Alma her bath.  I asked her – and she kind of blushed and said that yes it was possible, she’s worked there for 20 years.

And finally – let it not be said that I don’t get my money’s worth out of a t-shirt !


4 responses to “what difference does a decade make?”

  1. love this post.
    really. cool.
    Only God knew 10 years ago you all would be back adding one SWEET little girl to finish your family!

  2. You look the same too george! Good thing Alma is wearing pink or else you would get really confused!

  3. Not too much has changed in ten years. A blink of the eye! Even Jonah and Alma look similar! Love this post…so interesting.

  4. yeah Holli it is very reassuring to know that even if we don’t have any idea what is going to happen next -that He already does.

    K – thanks – it’s my intake of fresh-baked goods that gives me a healthy coat.

    Alma – actually what is also weird is one of our ‘baby Jonah and Alma pictures’ is you holding Jonah in the hospital!

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