Concert en parc

Every thursday during the summer there were free concerts in the parc just down from us in Uriage. We took in a few of them -and even got into a bit of a routine of picking up Pizza across the street then sitting and having a picnic supper in the park just after the concert.
Family favourite: Pizza Raviol – pizza with a cream sauce (instead of tomato) and Raviol (tiny cheese filled Ravioli) with more cream and cheese on the Pizza. (a nice light low-cal supper)

Also the kids got into a bit of a routine of riding either the carousal or the Sulkeys (see here) – thanks to their Uncle Aaron who, fortunately for them, appears to go into Spoiling-Uncle-mode when he’s on holidays

There were jazz bands, 4-girl 50’s-stylie bands, bands where the piano player appeared to be as old as the Chateau behind us -yet could still rock the free world, swing and more.  We missed the week that was some sort of ‘cowboy’ music.

One of our favourite things to do at the concert was play “can you find the goat?” A game where you try to see if the older gentleman who brings his pet goat on a leash is somewhere to be found. 
Usually he was.

don’t ask me.