Look Familiar? (Answer: Yes)
Some time when Heather & Aaron & their girls were here (yes -that’s as accurate as I’m going to get) we went for a hike up in the Chartreuse mountains, and to the monastery of the Chartreuse Monks, past the chartreuse-colored moss in the canyon (anyone detecting a theme)  
If you look VERY closely you can see everyone on the bridge

It’s held for 500 years –
it should probably hold until we get over

After a walk through down the trail through the lush, green canyon, we headed for the monastery of the Chartreuse Monks. First we had our lovely picnic lunch under the trees, in the beautiful high alpine pastures.

We went through the museum – which was pretty interesting (except for the English audio-guide that we paid for – that often just said “no description available”)  

Auditioning on “So-You-Think-You-Can-Monk?”

Pretty nice place for a bit of a hike.  
Chartreuse: one of my favorite colors/drinks/mountains/monastic orders


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