two weeks already

It seems hard to believe that our baby was born two weeks ago – but it other ways it also seems like so long ago.  But then again, just writing a sentence like that one above makes me sound like a sentimental middle-aged hopeful dramatic novel writer – so perhaps we should just get to what you actually came of our daughter.

 as you can tell – she likes to sleep. Which is nice I suppose – considering the alternative for a 2 week-old is crying…sleeping is pretty good.

this was on Friday – exactly 2 weeks old

 She gets plenty of love from her siblings…who still have to take turns holding her.

Today – Micah actually lay down next to her -and just chatted with her for quite a while. Nothing too exciting, just was bringing her up to speed on what was going on, showing her the new silly bands that his friend gave him in church this morning, showing them to her and explaining what each one was, reminding her about all the things we did over the weekend, asking her what she liked doing.
He also has made up some knock-knock’s for her – but ‘they’re not funny, they just are real’ 
 If I recall the one goes like this: 
who’s there?
I love you
I Love you who?
I love you Baby Alma


3 responses to “two weeks already”

  1. She is the most beautiful baby! So cuddly!

    I love Micah’s knock-knock. That is the most precious thing I’ve ever heard. Miss you guys!

  2. She is so beautiful. We love her so much. She looks like she just fits right in with your family.

  3. very awesome!

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