Un Mois

Seems strange but it was one month ago that our little Alma was born.   It is strange to think about how someone who really does nothing brings so much joy into the lives of others.  The kids are still just as infatuated with her as when she first came home, perhaps more.

 She is a great baby so far, she sleeps great, eats great, doesn’t really cry, and is really great to have.

I remember thinking this when each one of our kids were born – but I think having a baby gives me a bit of a better idea of God’s love for us.

We didn’t do anything to deserve that love.  In God’s eyes – my accomplishments are probably almost as impressive as Alma’s ability to fill diapers and her capability to sleep are –  in my eyes.  Sure it’s good – but that’s not why I love her.  I wouldn’t stop loving her if she suddenly stopped sleeping through the night.

I wouldn’t really be able to love her more if she started walking this afternoon. Sure I’d think it was cool, and I’d be proud of her – but it wouldn’t really fundamentally change my love for her.  If a broken person like me can love a little bit like that – I can’t imagine what God’s love for us truly is like.  Quite shocking to me whenever I think of this.


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  1. Happy one month birthday, little one!

  2. beautiful girl! thanks for the pictures

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