There are  a few signs that have caught my attention since arriving here in France a bit over a year ago – allow me to share some of my favourites with you:
Sign No. 1

Found:On the wall in a TER (regional train that I take to school) 

 Nothing too funny about this – I just think dude sitting down is really fat – but at least he’s not leaning over and dumping his drink on the floor like the skinny guy in the seat in front of him.

Sign No. 2  
Found: in the one of the cheap university cafeterias where I often eat lunch.  There are two of them close to my school- one with an outdoor patio and one that feels like a Soviet-designed 1960’s mental institution.

“I always prefer fresh fruits and vegetables over grilled (meats)”
-Joan of Arc

Sorry  – there is just no way this is not funny

Sign No. 3
Found: on the door of the train

Just think it’s funny that
1) you have to tell people to not open the door of a moving train
2) isn’t this the same danger sign that is used for ‘the floor might be a bit slippery – I just mopped” ?  Seems like this might be a bit more grave of a situation.

Sign No. 4

Found: in the train (hmm -sensing a a theme here)

I just think this is a funny way of saying “turn off your phone here”

Sign No. 5

Found: in the classrooms of my business school.

Why it’s funny to me: 1) the ‘no food’ sign is a hamburger and a soda – not really the typical icon of food that you would use in France
2) there is a ‘no cell phone’ AND ‘no smoking’ sign together. Which is funny as it means that when phones were common enough to warrant their own mention – smoking in public places was also still common enough to need a mention.  I’m thinking in Canada these two missed each other by almost a generation

Sign No. 6

Found: at the ancient walls to the town of Aigues-Mortes, southern France

Meaning: you can walk your dog buck naked by yourself – but no couples roaming around holding hands in their underwear

Sign No. 7

Found: on the road heading out of Uriage

Meaning: Pegasus crossing – I guess.  And also “Slippery when Wet” (as in the road condition – not the 1986 Bon Jovi album )

Sign No. 8

Found: Université de Grenoble campus

Meaning: “slippery wood”  Seriously though – look at that guy.  I’m thinking it’s more a ‘caution – drunken students crossing ahead’ sign


Sign No. 9

Found: Pont-du-Gard (Roman aqueduct down south – we stopped in last fall)

OK – so it’s not really ‘a sign’ – but stone-carved graffiti from the early 1700’s seems funny to me for some reason.

Sign No. 10

Found: in our village

Meaning: Absolutely no entry.

 Well OK – no entry in another 30 meters.

 OK fine – unless your on a horse.

Real serious that one.


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  1. Man, they are always trying to keep the happy underwear couples down! Pegasus, fat dudes and horses can do whatever they want!

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