• Signs that we are adapting to France: #13

    Signs that we are adapting to France: #13

    We have quite limited food storage in our house – in fact this cupboard is pretty much it.  Suffice it to say we have to prioritize and only keep on hand the most important staples of life.This is what one of the two shelves looks like. That’s right – three  unopened jars of nutella (the…

  • Signs that we are adapting to France: #27

    Signs that we are adapting to France: #27

    This is what our youngest son wanted to wear to school yesterday: UPDATE: this is him doing his homework yesterday

  • Chartreuse – encore.

    Chartreuse – encore.

    The week before Susan’s mom left we hiked up in the Chartreuse mountains – and went up by la Grande Chartreuse monastery.   We stopped along the side of the road for a pic-nic on our way.  Micah insisted on a picture ‘of just the boys’  For those who are starting to wonder if this…

  • …and she’s gone

    …and she’s gone

    Well –  Grandma is on her way home again. We had a great time with Susan’s mom over the past few weeks. We have all loved having the chance to spend time with her and Susan and I have been spoiled by her help.   We know that living this far away from all of our family…

  • deux mois

    deux mois

    Our little Alma is two months old already. We took her for her 2-month appointment last Friday – and she is continuing to bulk up nicely.  5.5kg  – so she has gained more than 1kg again this month. She continues to eat well, sleep well, and bring much more joy into our family than you…

  • Paris – Day 4

    Paris – Day 4

    Day 4 we went to la Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle.  It’s a pretty impressive museum that was opened the same year that the Eiffel Tower was built – 1889.  The museum is actually in a huge park where there is a zoo, huge gardens, and other museums. We spent our day in the main gallery…

  • Paris -day 3: Château de Versailles

    Paris -day 3: Château de Versailles

    Day 3 we went to the Château de Versailles.  We were incredibly fortunate to be staying at our friends house – just a 15 min drive from Versailles, so we headed over in the morning.  We decided that the Château itself may be a bit much for the kids, seeing as you can’t take a…

  • Paris – day 2

    Paris – day 2

    For our second day in Paris we decided to first head to the Louvre.  We wandered through some ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman stuff – then Susan sat down by some 2000 year old marble sculptures to feed Alma – and the kids were on a mission to find the Mona Lisa.  They found her…