Christmas vacation – so far

The kids have been off school since Dec 17 – so we’ve already had a full week of holidays.

Here’s what the past seven days have looked like in our corner of the world.

Early Saturday morning – as les vacances de Noel officially began – the snow started falling at our place. And it continued.  The flowers that were on the table the evening before were fully covered by the morning with close to 20cm of snow.

The temperature stayed close to or below freezing for a few days so it continued to snow for a few days -and stayed around for 4 days – and our kids took full advantage of it.


Last Sunday was a Christmas Festival put on by our English-speaking church, and the French church that we partner with.

not sure why the sheep is throwing up a gang sign
cookie decorating

There were tonnes of people there from both our communities – as well as many others who just came to check it out. The kids had around 10 different craft stations, there was a nativity photo shoot, music playing, and everyone had lots of fun

card making

This past week I took our two older kids skiing twice this past week. They learned to ski last year in two outings, so with two more days they have really improved.   

It really is a pretty spectacular place to live fo us to go skiing.  We drive up the hill from our village about – less than 20km probably from our house to the ski station.

last run of the day
tired – but still excited

  Both days we went skiing were beautiful. No lines for the lifts. Cheap tickets. Clear blue skies.  On Friday it was +8 when we started skiing just before 11:00- and it was still 6 when we finished when the sun went down just before 5:00. They both are loving it – are doing great – and it’s great to watch them learn something new together.

We’ve also enjoyed just having time at home as a family – hanging out and doing stuff together.
Christmas cookie baking sweatshop

 Jonah giving Alma her first bottle 

Family Movie Night

Marché de Noel in Grenoble


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