more snow

 The snow has been gone for a while now – two days ago the above picture was taken.  Then yesterday morning it started raining – then it turned to snow – and it continued all day.  By the end of the day there actually was some accumulation on the ground.  Not much- but enough for our kids to head outside as soon as they could.  The snow was nice and sticky – perfect for snowmen.    Unfortunately (in this case) we live on the side of a mountain – and on more than one occasion there have been out-of-control snow-balls tumbling down the hill.  Jonah had one the other day that he tried to stop – but had to abandon as it rolled past him and snapped off a fence post on its way to smashing into the trunk of a fruit tree about 20m down. Between potentially sledding into blackberry bushes, and self-inflicted avalanches – there are some new winter-time dangers that our kids need to adapt to.  However they no longer have to worry about freezing to death in their own yard – so that’s nice.  It is noon and it has been raining ever since early this morning – so the snow won’t last much longer at this point.  It did ice up the roads nicely though – and I had to (once again) put chains on my car just to get up to our house yesterday evening.