misc. March

Nothing of particular note has happened in the last few weeks – but I thought I’d get a few pictures up of what we’ve been up to.
1. Lego. always lego. lots and lots of lego.
2. Daffodils.  The neighbors yard is basically a flower field – and Matea has been harvesting almost daily. She has taken bouquets to I think every teacher at her school, our neighbors etc.  Yesterday she was making ‘daffodil soup’ in jars from the recycle.
3. Fire in the yard.  The kids decided that a big yard is a terrible thing to waste.  If by ‘waste’ you mean ‘not containing a fire’

3. Reading and writing articles for Phd…with assistance

4. Jedi gets its due.  We let the kids watch Return of the Jedi for the first time ever -and decided to give the event the proper amount of ceremony