Matea’s charity:water birthday fundraiser

Hi all – thanks for your support so far.  As you may have read hereMatea wanted to raise money for clean water instead of getting birthday presents this year

Charity:water is a foundation that gives 100% of all donated money directly to water projects. They have a foundation that raises money for their operations – so you know when you give money to them for water – every single penny is going to give water to someone who needs it.

When her $800 goal is reached – another 8 families or about 40 people will have access to drinking water that will not make them sick. Not just for a week, or a year – but there will be a well in place that will give clean water for a long time to come.

Please consider giving $10, $20 – or whatever you feel like.

thanks – in advance – from Matea – and even more – from some other 8 year old who will no longer have to wait for their mother to lug home diseased water to drink.


Feel free to comment….