Here are just some pictures that I have taken recently of things that I’ve found interesting when we’re out shopping.

“petit’ you say.  Really? 800g of cheese is petit?  Then what, might I ask would you consider grand?

All right then….duly noted.
A wheel of cheese that is probably a bit more than 1m across – 30cm deep -and I can’t even imagine how much it weighs.

Up next – in the frozen food aisle we have – side by side – Cuisses de Grenouilles et Escargot.
 Frog legs and snails – prepared and frozen.  
Sometimes the stereotypes are just too easy.

This was in an Italian food store. Some sort of special cake – most of them were the size of a cantaloupe – this one was as tall as Alma – and over double her weight. And also €149!  Yikes.

This is a ceramic bust of Jonny Hallyday.  An individual who cannot be avoided in France – and an individual whom I believe no one except the French can understand.  From my vantage point he appears to be a combination of  French-Elvis, with a bit of Neil Diamond cheesiness and the kitch of Celine Dion, all rolled up in a highly produced over-the-hill rocker.  Nice. 
Seriously – he is something else. There is every imaginable type of cliché merchandise for him – and I even saw one time – and I wish I was making this up – a type of Wii RockBand – Jonny Hallyday 

A toaster – with the we-have-need-of-this accessory – the croissant holder.

One time I was in the wine aisle – and looked to my right and say this €99 bottle of Saint-Julien – and on the other side were these little plastic barrel-looking jugs of €6 for 3 liters of pure swill.
(or as my father-in-law accurately calls it: Château de Plonk )

A guy in front of me buying ‘lunch’: A bottle of Pastis, and a bag of Haribo candy

A giant armoire that must have been almost 3m tall

A radio that you could tune in to stations by the name of the city from which the broadcast originated.

close up on the base of the trophy given to the 1905 Grenoble city Boules champs

Another well balanced diet. (sensing a theme here)


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