• Grandma & Grandpa

    Grandma & Grandpa

    yes – for those of you wondering – Susan’s parents are in fact here. They have been for most of June now. It’s 6.00 and I’m about to drive them to the bus station to catch their airport shuttle so they can head back to Canada. We have had a great visit  – and we…

  • American Village

    American Village

    Who says you need to go to the states to get a real American experience? Well, I do for one.   But for a fairly reasonable facsimile thereof, you have the “American Village” camps to teach French children English as a Foreign Language. And- if you are like Jonah – you can have a week where you go from…

  • That’s not awful – it’s a falafel

    That’s not awful – it’s a falafel

    Last week we decided to head down into the city and spend the day there as a family.  So since getting there is always half the fun – we rode the tram downtown – which is something that never seems to loose its novelty for our kidsWe hadn’t decided exactly what to do (museum etc.) but we…

  • well that was nice of them

    well that was nice of them

    I was just out running this morning in the middle of the French countryside (a couple hundred km’s from home – so I have no idea what’s around me) – I had run about 8km and figured I was probably heading back towards where I wanted to be, but I had been on a fairly…

  • prunes

    she likes them – then she doesn’t – but she keeps coming back for more.

  • just pictures of us.