Grandma & Grandpa

yes – for those of you wondering – Susan’s parents are in fact here. They have been for most of June now. It’s 6.00 and I’m about to drive them to the bus station to catch their airport shuttle so they can head back to Canada. We have had a great visit  – and we are incredibly blessed to have family that are willing and able to come and visit us here.  One of the hardest things about living so far from family is looking up one generation and feeling like you are taking away their grandchildren, and looking at your own kids and feeling like you are taking away their grandparents.  We have been very blessed that my mom was here when Alma was born, and now Susan’s parents have both got to meet her. 

I know I have basically posted nothing during the past couple of weeks – so here are some pictures of a hike we took when they first got here  – with more updates of our other adventures shortly.


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