American Village

Who says you need to go to the states to get a real American experience?
 Well, I do for one.

  But for a fairly reasonable facsimile thereof, you have the “American Village” camps to teach French children English as a Foreign Language.

And- if you are like Jonah – you can have a week where you go from being the kid who is always struggling to understand as well as the others – to being the kid who totally understands, and others ask for help.

Seeing as I’m the token Dad-without-a-real-job, I could arrange my schedule so that I could be one of the parents along on the trip. It actually worked out pretty well – as I had a fair amount of uninterrupted time to work while I was there.

It was a good week. It’s good to be able to see your kids interact with their classmates, and I feel I got to see a side of Jonah that I don’t always get to see.