Rentrée 2012

This September marks the start of the kids third year of school here in France.

The kids changed schools this year.  They are still in our village, but at the ‘other’ school. We figured they needed some more change in their lives. They went from a school that had split classes for most grades, to having 2 full classes in each grade.  The new school is much better equipped, has more extra stuff (music teacher, gym in the big public sports center next door, ski classes for gym in January etc.) and is free.


Micah is in CP ~ grade 1

Matea is in CE2 ~ grade 3

Jonah is in CM2 ~ grade 5

(and if you’re counting: I’m in PhD Third Year ~ grade 22)

And in case you were wondering if I’m getting soft as I advance in my years – here is proof that I can still give a piggy-back ride to the bigger three at once (Alma was left off over safety concerns)



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