Family trip to London – Part II

The rest of the week in London was equally amazing. (click HERE for Part I of our family trip to London)

Our next full day we started by heading to the Tower of London.



We stopped to have a closer look at the Tower Bridge

Spent a bit of time wandering through Tate Modern

We just happened to be in town during the 450th birthday celebration for Shakespeare,





It was an amazing event right in Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.  It was all pretty amazing for Jonah as he was just studying Shakespearean-era London in History & Literature.


They put on some plays right in the Globe, had the entire place opened up, and had all kinds of extra fun stuff for kids to do, as well as all kinds of other things going on.



We got a bit of time in the British Museum – but not much.  The ‘closing time’ meant when the main atrium with the gift shops etc closes – the actual collections closed something like an hour before that. But we did get a chance to see a few things – including some massively important pieces of history….

some things are truly surreal to actually see – like the Rosetta Stone
Who needs priceless ancient Egyptian works of art…when there is a building column to look at?


At one point we needed to catch a train – and were close to King’s Cross station (which would be an amazing station in its own right – as well as St Pancras station, which is practically next door.)

This is where Harry Potter catches his ride – so we stopped in for the photo-op.


platform 9¾ Kings Cross station
Sometimes London just felt so London-y that it was almost too much to handle.


Man – that seems like a lot. I think that must have been two days mushed together here. Feel free to break it up in ways you see fit.