Run for Burundi


Yesterday our family took part in a run to raise money for some projects that a local church is doing in Burundi. So we decided it would be a good idea for us to Run for Burundi.

all lined up and ready to go.


The Run for Burundi was a 5K fun-run – so we all decided to run it together – but some of us <cough-Matea-cough> are so incapable of doing anything at any speed other than as-fast-as-possible – we did split up a bit.


The kids actually really surprised me at how quickly they finished. None of them had ever done a run this long before  – so I guess I was expecting a pretty walk-ish pace.  We all finished between 32 and 36 minutes for 5 km – not bad for short legs in my opinion.


The other cool thing that happened was that we met a man named Caleb, who is from Burundi. He and his family fled during the civil war, and ended up in Canada after a long time in Kenya. Not only did he have connections to Burundi, and had lived in Bujumbura – but he had worked at Hope Africa University – where I am going to teach.  We even knew some of the same people there!

Even though she rode in the stroller for 4.95km of it – she really wanted to run out the finish by herself!