hey everyone… umwaka mushasha mwiza….happy new year.

Just a quick post to share some pictures I took the other day when I accompanied Susan to visit the home of a widow who attends the feeding program. She lives in an IDP camp (Internally Displaced Persons…basically refugees who never cross the border) not too far from Kibuye. It’s been there since the war in ’93. Susan was looking into what could be done to help her. Her roof is currently loose-fitting scraps of rusty tin, and there is so much water that runs through her house in the rain that she finally just dug a bit of a trench, and removed a few bricks from the wall on the downhill side. If she can’t keep it out….at least she can try to contain it a bit.

Anyway – I snapped a few pictures of some kids who were standing around, quite interested in why we were there. So here you go…some kids, abana in Kirundi.