kids we(a)re home

The two older kids are were home from Kenya on their Christmas break.

As of yesterday, they’re back at school in Kenya. The time really does go by fast when they’re here. We had a great time together, We got away to Tanzania to the same place we’ve gone camping for the 4th year in a row (!). Mostly though, they kind of have this sort-of-vacation-but-others-are-not kind of existence. They are a huge help – not just for our family, but for the team at large. A number of people seem to have projects that get left for “when the big kids get home on break.”

Anyway, here’s some shots of what they seemed to be up to in the month they were home. To be honest, I forgot about a lot of this until I found the pictures….seems they were actually up to a lot!

helping out with the nativity play the kids did up at the hospital..and at the feeding program, and the church. Sometimes that help means riding on the roof of the Land Cuiser to keep the cardboard set from blowing off
sorting things in the storage containers
decorating Christmas cookies.
coming with me on bikes to get the Land Cruiser unstuck…
because when you get driving directions from someone who has likely never been in a car before…things don’t always end well.
building a cotton candy machine. It was made up of: a cordless drill, pieces of a broken fan, and a bunch of other stuff…actually kind of worked (kind of)
building a new house for the chickens
fixing up the ole 1979 Honda
helping teach …which somehow seems to involve Lego
building the frame for the nativity backdrop
being a human slide for their little sister in the living room
oh yeah…worked on my bike too