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For those of you who don’t get our family newsletter – just wanted to share the news that we are moving in less than a month.

If you don’t get the newsletters, and you’d like to, then….. ahem

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There are so many feelings, and thoughts, and everything surrounding a move like this. It’s way too much to even try to flesh out here in one post, so this is more logistical.

We’re moving to Kigali, Rwanda at the end of August. Just the idea of leaving this home, this place, this community is hard to even accept is real.

Susan and I have been married 25 years now, and the 5 1/2 years in this house is the longest we’ve ever been in one house. Our kids truly have grown up here.

Sept 2016 – the start of the kids first full school year in Kibuye

There are lots of unknowns, and things which are up in the air. We still don’t know what Susan will be doing, Alma will be starting at a new school, in a new house, in a new city, in a new country.

But we have so much confidence that this is where God is calling our family right now, that it gives us great courage and peace about the move.

Our evacation to Rwanda within our first two months of arriving in Burundi

I am super excited about the work that I’m going to do which is joining a firm that advises Rwandan organizations in order for them to reach their potential. It’s kind of like the work I dreamed of doing for years, and in a context that I think will be incredibly rewarding.

We’ll still have 2 kids at RVA in Kenya, and this coming year will be Matea’s last! Jonah is back in Canada for his second year of University, so we’re kind of moving with only one kid at home all the time. Which is super strange.

There is so much to process, but generally, for me, it is an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Thankful for the 6 1/2 years we’ve had here in Burundi. Thankful for what we’ve got to experience and see, and more importantly, what we’ve been able to become. And super thankful for this opportunity, and all the potential that it brings.