To many of you, I’m sure today is the day you commemorate Vincent Van Gogh shooting himself (a few days before he would finally die) or you’re busy today reflecting on the Isolation of Insulin for the first time by Fredrick Banting at the University of Toronto 100 years ago today, or the arrest of Maximillian Robespierre signaling the end of the Reign of Terror following the Revolution Francaise.

walking in the fields in our beloved Kibuye

But for Susan and I, today is 25 years after the day we got married.

wow. that’s a lot of years to be married. I remember some of my aunts & uncles having Silver Wedding anniversaries – they were old. And they had old kids. Not us….

OK fine – we’re not young…but surely we’re not ’25-years-married’ old.

But even if calendars did lie, pictures don’t.

well….there we are. I don’t remember being young enough to still have a baby-face….but there it is.
Our honeymoon – Canmore in the Rockies. That’s our new (to us) 1990 VW Golf, and Ha Ling Peak behind us

Last year on our anniversary – en route to the summit of…you guessed it, Ha Ling Peak
Last fall, below that same peak, on the one trip to the mountains we got in as a family while in Canada

In the past quarter-century, we have had incredible opportunities to see amazing things, do some meaningful work, and live in fantastic places. One of the advantages of getting married so young is that you really do grow both old and up together.

local wildlife on the southern tip of Africa

All I know is that 25 years ago today I made one of the very best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. And every day since I’ve been blessed because of it. Together we have been through some hard times- some things that just happen, some things others do to us, and things we do to each other. But we try (and fail) to center ourselves on Jesus and his love for us, and let forgiveness flow freely – as it’s so badly needed.

I wouldn’t trade these years for anything in the entire world.


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  1. kathrynluedtke Avatar

    Happy Anniversary you too! Married young and growing “up” together is a real adventure!! All the best.

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