uh….she’s 18

well – our daughter is now technically an “adult” (?!)

What can be said about Matea?

Last night she called us and said to Susan “well, this is the last time you’ll talk to your child” (which is way more funny to say the night before you turn 18 than saying “see you next year” on New Years Eve)

She is all in when she decides to go in. The last two times she’s come home from RVA, she’s decided she likes baking. Cookies, cakes, donuts, assorted pastries/desserts. At one point Susan had to make the request that there was only dessert for one meal a day (this request was denied) So when Matéa left after being at home for almost 2 months, I stepped on the scale (something I do every year or so) and saw a number I’d never seen before. (Hence “no-fun February” where Susan and I cut out all sugar for a month )

Ask anyone with small kids who’ve been around her and you know she has an incredible gift for not just ‘playing’ with kids -but making them feel special. She has an incredible gift for seeing people who are hurt, neglected, left out -and then doing something about it. She’s the kid who decides to go up to the hospital and sit on the floor to play with kids going through chemo, while she’s home on school holidays.

And over this past year, I have seen her ability to reach out to hurting people and have tough conversations grow in a way that feels to me way past her age. (OK – maybe that’s just because she’s way more kind and mature than I was at 18…but still)

I feel truly blessed – blessed just to have her in my life. But to have the honor to be her father – is something I will always cherish.

Again- having your kids away for meaningful days like today is hard. Really hard.

I am just so thankful I get to be her Papa….and can’t wait until she’s home again (and not just because of the donuts)


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