I don’t know about you…

but he’s (apparently) feeling 22.

So as of today we have a kid who’s twenty-two years old.

I’m not sure who feels older about that – him, or me.

Strange when your kids become what feels like closer to your age. Like now we’re both adults. But it has been amazing to see everything he has done, learned, and become. To have been able to watch him grow as a Godly, caring, clever person – has been a privilege. Just putting together these pictures that followed his life from the Alps where he was born, to Canada, back to France, to Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, and back to Canada. Seeing memories from so many different places we have been able to enjoy together over these years.

These last few years I’ve been more aware of both the cost and privilege our life choices have meant for our kids. His 22 years have been full of unique chances to see and do so much, yet also so much that he has given up, and difficult things he has had to experience that were never his choice. We’re so proud of him – and can’t wait to see how he will impact the world in the next phase of his life.