la France…encore…

wandering the streets of Grenoble

Since we were already in Europe for our Mission’s conference, we took a side trip to France. There are so many things that we love and really missed about France: wine, cheese, friends, the sea, bread, family, cheese, the alps, pastries, wine, the weather, fromage, families dear to us, du vin, hiking, museums, food, sitting in the park eating pizza, chateaux, boulangeries, du pain…..

DSC04546 (1)
pizza Raviol from le Carrillon. Does. Not. Disappoint.

We flew into Geneva after our conference rented a car..and spent a few weeks of holidays, catching up, sharing the stories of what we’ve been doing in Burundi,  seeing people, and just enjoying la belle France.IMG_9896

IMG_9916For all us  – and in many ways especially for the kids  – France feels a lot like home (and yet of course, never would ever really feel like home). Micah started school in France, Alma never left Europe before she was almost 3 (except for a trip to Israel), Matea and Jonah were (in hindsight) really little when we left Canada.… They all still have friends, and strong memories of living here in France.

fortunate to be able to meet up with Dutch, French and American colleagues.. unfortunately Germany, China and others were not represented. In hindsight- we were a very international group…

We had a fantastic opportunity to spend some time in some of our favourite places. While in Grenoble we were able to meet up with quite a few of my colleagues from PhD studies there.

IMG_9912 IMG_9892IMG_9902

DSC04526 (1)
back in le parc d’Uriage

We drove down south to visit Uncle Milton and Aunt Sharon, which for us is as close to a family holiday tradition as we have. We first visited them in Pezenas back in 2000 or so, and our kids loved our trips down here.

One of Jonah’s first trips to Pezenas (he’s the baby in Susan’s arms)
…and this trip (Jonah is the person towering over Susan at the table)


…ahhh the bead shop…spent many a trip to this place
someone was pretty pleased with her new (to her) kitty shirt from the market

DSC04611 DSC04619 DSC04638
DSC04657 DSC04666 DSC04679 DSC04697 DSC04708
Now I admit – living in a very rural and impoverished part in the middle of the poorest country in the world with really bad/show/unreliable internet – I never really considered that I was totally up to date with everything. But there were several occasions when I would say something, and be shocked at the response. There were several occasions when I would mention a feature in our rental car – couched in a firm manner of shock, awe, and almost disbelief – only to hear “that’s actually a required feature for all cars starting this year” sigh.
It was a great break for our family.  Saw so many old friends, and places we love, and the mountains, and the sea, and the food, and the wine.

Au revoir la France – et a bientôt.