2 days left and less than $100 to go!

All – there are only TWO DAYS left in Matea’s charity:water birthday fundraiser.

She decided to give up her birthday presents / money so that others can have clean drinking water.

thank you SO MUCH to those who have already given.

If you can give $5, $10 – or whatever – she will meet her goal of $800 for her 8th birthday – and give clean and safe water to 40 people who desperately need it.


It has been a really nice last week or so here. Tonight when we were driving home from church it was still 19 degrees at 8:00pm.  The daffodils are probably getting close to being done, and the magnolia tree in the yard is in full bloom (it isn’t quite as nice as last year as it was tricked into budding during a warm spell in the middle of winter)  It’s definitely spring time in the Alpes
The tulips came up this week – well, down in the city they did. Due to the elevation difference everything up by us is about a week behind.

Matea had picked so many daffodils, and taken bouquets to pretty much everyone she knew, so she starteed making soup with them.

Down in the park there are thousands of them that poke up in the middle of the grass. You can’t tell they are there all winter, then all of a sudden there is this huge band 2m across – that runs all along the side of the park.  Then in a few more weeks, when they are done, they just get mowed down when the grass is cut – not to be seen again until their appearance next spring.

Friday Lunch

Friday we had to go downtown to get passport pictures for Alma.  We had learned from the 5 attempts, 49 hours and 16 stores that we tried for her citizenship card that it was not as straight forward as one would assume – but we now knew the one store downtown that could do infant photos, with strange dimensions for the Canadian requirements. Of course we got down town only to find major renovations going on, and the store has permanently closed. Hmm. But after some more walking, and asking at other places we did find a photo place to take the pictures.  We were done in time to stop and pick up pizza on our way home for lunch and to put Alma down for her nap.
We had our favorite pizza -Raviol. Cream sauce with small cheese-filled raviolis with cheese, garlic and herbs on top.  De-lish.
Well – if I did feel bad for the kids for having to eat at school – knowing what they were having made that go away pretty quickly.
That would be:
 for entree: Green bean salad with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing
for main course:  roasted chicken breast in herbs
and  Gratin of potatoes and zucchini
followed by: plain yogurt (not sour – they put sugar on top of it)
and for dessert: fruit
(and of course there is bread with the meal…I mean come on…they’re children, not savages)
So I guess the difference between our lunch and theirs is that we had better wine. The difference between theirs and a lunch bag with a sandwich and juice box – is not even really explainable.