• more snow

    more snow

     The snow has been gone for a while now – two days ago the above picture was taken.  Then yesterday morning it started raining – then it turned to snow – and it continued all day.  By the end of the day there actually was some accumulation on the ground.  Not much- but enough for…

  • Alma in the snow

    Alma in the snow

    Here are a few more pictures of Alma from the snow we had last week.  Actually the snow is back. The rain turned to snow early this morning – and all day it has been switching back and forth from wet snow to cold rain.  It accumulates on the ground – then the rain melts…

  • 10 years ago today.

    10 years ago today.

    Hard to believe it – but it was ten years ago that Jonah was born.  I thought I would put up a few pictures that highlight some of the last decade with him. First ever family photo – in the delivery room some of his first steps – on the beach in Morocco Obviously moving…

  • family pictures

    family pictures

    Here are some of the other pictures that we took last week.   that is all.

  • Christmas vacation – so far

    Christmas vacation – so far

    The kids have been off school since Dec 17 – so we’ve already had a full week of holidays. Here’s what the past seven days have looked like in our corner of the world. Early Saturday morning – as les vacances de Noel officially began – the snow started falling at our place. And it…

  • Joyeux Noël
  • les vacances de Noël a commencé!

    les vacances de Noël a commencé!

    It’s true – Christmas vacation started this morning. It’s only the first day – but here’s how it started at our house: the temperature dropped overnight and the rain turned to snow early this morning – so our first snow of the year was the morning of the first day of holidays. there were two…



    she can roll over!

  • Signs that we are adapting to France: #7

    Signs that we are adapting to France: #7

    This is how much cheese is in our fridge right now.  No special occasion or anything coming up. Not having anyone over for dinner etc. Remember – this is one of three shelves in the fridge.I can count at least 13 kinds of cheese.I believe Charles de Gaulle said it best:“Comment voulez-vous gouverner un pays…

  • Signs that we are adapting to France: #22

    Signs that we are adapting to France: #22

    This was our supper tonight. We sat down a bit after 7:30 with our kids for Tartiflette. Tartiflette is a traditional hearty Alpine meal from the Haute-Savoie region (north of us – up towards Switzerland, by Annecy etc.) Boil about a kilo and a half of potatoes then sauté an onion in a bit of…