two weeks already

It seems hard to believe that our baby was born two weeks ago – but it other ways it also seems like so long ago.  But then again, just writing a sentence like that one above makes me sound like a sentimental middle-aged hopeful dramatic novel writer – so perhaps we should just get to what you actually came of our daughter.

 as you can tell – she likes to sleep. Which is nice I suppose – considering the alternative for a 2 week-old is crying…sleeping is pretty good.

this was on Friday – exactly 2 weeks old

 She gets plenty of love from her siblings…who still have to take turns holding her.

Today – Micah actually lay down next to her -and just chatted with her for quite a while. Nothing too exciting, just was bringing her up to speed on what was going on, showing her the new silly bands that his friend gave him in church this morning, showing them to her and explaining what each one was, reminding her about all the things we did over the weekend, asking her what she liked doing.
He also has made up some knock-knock’s for her – but ‘they’re not funny, they just are real’ 
 If I recall the one goes like this: 
who’s there?
I love you
I Love you who?
I love you Baby Alma


Look Familiar? (Answer: Yes)
Some time when Heather & Aaron & their girls were here (yes -that’s as accurate as I’m going to get) we went for a hike up in the Chartreuse mountains, and to the monastery of the Chartreuse Monks, past the chartreuse-colored moss in the canyon (anyone detecting a theme)  
If you look VERY closely you can see everyone on the bridge

It’s held for 500 years –
it should probably hold until we get over

After a walk through down the trail through the lush, green canyon, we headed for the monastery of the Chartreuse Monks. First we had our lovely picnic lunch under the trees, in the beautiful high alpine pastures.

We went through the museum – which was pretty interesting (except for the English audio-guide that we paid for – that often just said “no description available”)  

Auditioning on “So-You-Think-You-Can-Monk?”

Pretty nice place for a bit of a hike.  
Chartreuse: one of my favorite colors/drinks/mountains/monastic orders

Concert en parc

Every thursday during the summer there were free concerts in the parc just down from us in Uriage. We took in a few of them -and even got into a bit of a routine of picking up Pizza across the street then sitting and having a picnic supper in the park just after the concert.
Family favourite: Pizza Raviol – pizza with a cream sauce (instead of tomato) and Raviol (tiny cheese filled Ravioli) with more cream and cheese on the Pizza. (a nice light low-cal supper)

Also the kids got into a bit of a routine of riding either the carousal or the Sulkeys (see here) – thanks to their Uncle Aaron who, fortunately for them, appears to go into Spoiling-Uncle-mode when he’s on holidays

There were jazz bands, 4-girl 50’s-stylie bands, bands where the piano player appeared to be as old as the Chateau behind us -yet could still rock the free world, swing and more.  We missed the week that was some sort of ‘cowboy’ music.

One of our favourite things to do at the concert was play “can you find the goat?” A game where you try to see if the older gentleman who brings his pet goat on a leash is somewhere to be found. 
Usually he was.

don’t ask me.

what difference does a decade make?

So as many of you know – Jonah was also born here …almost ten years! (great – now I feel old. Next you’ll tell me it’s my 20th high school reunion next year.)

In some ways it has been amazing to be in the same city, same hospital for our first and last child to see the difference.  However – in some ways it wasn’t.  Susan had the same doctor for both- although he has shaved off his huge Mario-Bros moustache at some point in the past decade.
In keeping with things-that-are-similar – I present the following multi-media presentation (well  – just whistle something)

Notice that they are in the EXACT same model car seat. Which wouldn’t be so strange except Jonah is in one we borrowed from friends here in Grenoble, and the one Alma is in I got from a woman who works at my school.

Apparently some of our friends have forgotten to age in the past decade.

Check this out – same Sage-Femme (‘mid-wife’—- literally “wise woman”)  Why is it in French they are called a ‘wise woman’ and in English they are a mid-wife? What is that anyway: ‘mid-way-to-being-a-wife’?  Anyway – this woman who gave Jonah his first bath in the hospital is the same one who gave Alma her bath.  I asked her – and she kind of blushed and said that yes it was possible, she’s worked there for 20 years.

And finally – let it not be said that I don’t get my money’s worth out of a t-shirt !

one week.

Well – our little Alma is one week old today.
Susan and Alma came home from the hospital on Monday – and we’ve had a great week at home as a family.

My Aunt Nora got to see her before
she left earlier this week.

 My mom is still here for a few more days – so she’s been loving up every minute of it.  The unfortunate part about my mom being here is that when people ask why little Alma is so calm, and sleeps so well, and is so content – I can’t claim that it’s from me.  Apparently it isn’t so.

  She had her first bath (well – ‘sink’) which was a family affair.  Actually most things have been.  A number of people have asked how the other kids are doing with her getting so much of the attention. The only problems that we’ve had is that the older kids tend to disagree on whose turn it is to hold her, who can burp her, and -yes – even ‘can I change her diaper?”  I realise that much of this is the  novelty of it all – but it is so enjoyable to watch the older kids be so excited about having  Alma here, and how much joy she already brings to them.

She is a wonderful baby so far. She eats well, sleeps really well -and the only times that she’s cried at all is the three times that she’s been weighed (you know – stripped naked and put on a hard cold plastic scale) -but she stopped as soon as we picked her up again.